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Crash Course in No-limit Hold'em for Beginners

Shifting Your Thinking from Limit to No-limit

The 8 Winning Principles of No-limit Texas Hold'em

How to Determine the Strength of Your Hand:

Determining How Much to Bet:

Understanding Your Opponents:

Knowing When and How to Bluff:

The Goal of Each Hand

The goal of each hand is to win the pot. You do this by having the best poker hand at the showdown, or by bluffing your opponents. You choose the best five-card holdem poker game hand by using any combination of your hole card game and the community cards. Your best hand can be any combination of none, one, or both of your cards with the cards in the middle.

Look at it as having a seven-card stud hand, from which you choose the best five-card combination. If a royal flush comes out in the middle (the community cards), everybody remaining in the hand has a royal flush because that is the best hand possible. Or if the board cards come with K?Q?J?10? and you have the A? in your hand, you have a royal flush and nobody else has one.

You might also winning by bluffing representing to your opponents that you have the A? in your hand if you bet an amount of chips that no one dares call for fear that you have them beaten. You often see players make bluff bets on televised events.

The Four Betting Rounds

The first round of betting begins after you have been dealt two hole cards (your hand). The first playing poker to act is the person immediately to the left of the Big Blind. The action continues clockwise with everyone acting in turn and the Big Blind being the last player to act.

Then the dealer puts three community cards (the flop ) face up in the center of the table and the second round of betting begins. Starting with the first player to the left of the button who is still in the hand, each player who did not fold before the flop can check, bet, call a bet, raise, reraise or fold to a bet when it is his turn to act.

The dealer then places a fourth community card (called fourth street poker or the turn) face up in the centre of the table determining followed by another round of betting. Then he deals the final community card (called fifth street poker or the river) face up in the centre and there is a final round of betting.

Any player can bet his entire stack of chips on any of these betting rounds. In no-limit hold'em, when a player wants to bet all his chips at once, he announces "I'm going all in!" and pushes all of his chips into the centre of the table. If an opponent calls the all-in bet, the size of the bet can be no bigger than the smallest stack of the two players.

If the player with the biggest stack loses the poker reading hands, he keeps the remaining chips in his stack. For example, suppose player A has $6,000 in chips and goes all in against glossary player B, who has $4,000 in chips. Player B goes on to win the pot. Player A would still have $2,000 in chips remaining.




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