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Crash Course in No-limit Hold'em for Beginners

Shifting Your Thinking from Limit to No-limit

The 8 Winning Principles of No-limit Texas Hold'em

How to Determine the Strength of Your Hand:

Determining How Much to Bet:

Understanding Your Opponents:

Knowing When and How to Bluff



One of the distinguishing characteristics of any profession is its language, the unique set of words that its practitioners use in describing the functions they perform. Poker player professionals have a distinct language that they use to communicate with each other. Poker players don't say, "I made three card game of the same rank when the dealer spread the first three community cards." They say, "I flopped trips." Nor do they complain about poker"having my four aces topped by a straight flush on the last card." To them, it is "suffering a bad beat on the river."

The following glossary is a universal list of expressions that you will hear in cardrooms around the world.

All in- Betting all the chips or cash you have left in your stack. "When T.J. raised, I went all in with pocket kings. Unfortunately, he called my all-in bet with pocket aces and sent me to the rail."

Add on- The final rebuy that you can make at the end of the rebuy period in rebuy tournaments. "I only add on when I think that it will make my stack more competitive."

Behind you (sitting )- Any player who can act after you do. "Sometimes, before you make a move to try to steal the pot limit hold'em, look to see who is sitting behind you."

Bluff- Betting with an inferior hand in the hope of stealing the pot. "The cowboy's knowing bluff with nothing-cards drove Alto out of the pot at the championship table in 1984."

Bully-A player who raises a lot of pots in an effort to make other players fold their hands. "My opponents weren't going to be easily bullied, so I didn't want to do a lot of aggressive raising."

Buy-in- The amount of gaming money it costs you to enter a tournament. Usually, the larger the buy-in, the tougher the competition. "I wanted to buy into the championship event, but the buy-in was a about $ 9,000 more than I could afford."

Case chips- Your last chips. " It took my case chips to call sexton's raise on the river.

Case (ace)- The last card of that rank in the deck. "When the case ace came on the river, Dana made a full house to beat Tom's nut flush."

Change gears- Shifting your thinking level of aggressiveness from low gear all the way up to high gear, as though you were changing gear while driving a car. "I had to slow down and change gears in order to survive the late stage of the Four Queens classic championship event."

Check- You choose not to bet. If someone sitting behind you bets, you must either call the bet, raise, or fold your cards. "When everybody checked the flop to Amir, he raised with a 7-6 offsuit. They all folded, and he scooped in the pot."

Check-raise- You check with a good hand in the hope of raising if someone bets. "After the flop, Daniel checked to Jeff, who made a modest bet. Daniel then check-raised him with pocket aces."

Chip status- A comparison of the amount of chips you have in relation to how many chips your opponents have. "At the start of 2000 World Series of Poker championship table, T.J. was dead last in chip status. He moved up four spot to finish second to Chris Ferguson."

Cold call- Call a raise without having already put the initial bet into the pot. "When Jack cold called after Tuna reraised, Brad knew he was in trouble."

Come over the top- Raise or reraise an opponent's bet. "Some players like to come over the top to try to steal the pot."

Commit- Put in so many chips that you cannot turn back. You're going to play your hand to the river. "If I think the odds are in my favor, I will fully commit."

Counterfeit- The board pairs your key low card in Omaha high-low, demoting the value of your hand. "My A-2-6-Q got getting counterfeited when the board came 2-4-J."

Dog- Poker slang meaning that your hand is the under-dog. "When I looked at Catherine's two kings at the showdown, I knew that my 10-9 offsuit was a big dog."

Double through- Going all-in against an opponent in order to double your stack if you win the hand. "I was so low on chips, I knew I had to double through somebody to build up my stack."

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