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Crash Course in No-limit Hold'em for Beginners

Shifting Your Thinking from Limit to No-limit

The 8 Winning Principles of No-limit Texas Hold'em

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Knowing When and How to Bluff


How to play No-Limit Hold'em cash in online Casinos

Until recently, if you wanted to play no-limit hold'em, you had to play it in tournament mode because very few cardrooms spread no-limit hold'em crash course games. One reason why on-land casinos don't usually spread no-limit cash games is that the house may be fearful that its regular players will go broke in no-limit play and the casino will lose them as customers.

In fact no-limit tournaments are more feasible than cash the games for most of us to play because we put only a predetermined bankroll at risk in tournaments. We know in advance how much we can lose (the buy-in) and how much we can win (the top prize), which may give us a sense of security. In today's expanding poker world, many online casinos and a few on-land cardroom game are filling the gap in opportunities to play no-limit hold'em cash games rather than offering tournament play only. Some online sites offer no-limit hold'em cash games with blinds as small as 5 cents-10 cents, and a few are even offering "play" money games in which you can practice your skills for a zero buy-in.

Play money games are good places to get your feet wet in a game that is new to you. They allow you to acquire a feel for how things work without taking any monetary risk. Just keep in mind that people play differently when they're just playing for fun and have no money at risk. Naturally, it is much more fun to play a lot of hands rather than sitting out of most of them. Therefore, expect to see lots of players in every hand when you play in a play-money game. Just remember that when you're ready to start playing for real money, you will need to tighten up your strategy.

In online cash games, the online site puts a maximum on the amount of money with which you can buy into a no-limit hold'em poker game. That way, players cannot put their entire bankroll on the table at one time, unless their bank-roll is less than the maximum allowed buy-in.

We strongly suggest that you always play in a game that you can afford, one with blinds at which you feel comfortable playing. For example, if you feel more comfortable playing in a game with blinds of 25 cents-50 cents than one with $ 1-$ 2 blinds, play the smaller game. Online casinos currently offer games with blinds as high low poker as $ 3-$ 6. When you have mastered the smallest games, you can gradually move up to the higher games.

Now pull up a chair and buy into our virtual no-limit hold'em cash game and play along with Brad as he shows you the ropes. But before the deal begins, here are some pointers on playing these small games.

Here are some other things to remember when you start playing cash games:
. The blinds in cash games remain the same throughout the game. They do not increase at regular intervals, as the blinds do in tournaments glossary.
. You are not playing against the clock, as you must do in tournaments. Therefore, you are never pressured into playing inferior hands just because the blinds are rising or you are very low on chips. Actually, playing cash games is good practice for playing the early rounds of a tournament when you have plenty of chips to play and no pressure.
. Unlike tournaments, you can quit playing at any time you choose.
. If you go broke, you can make another buy-in. You don't have to leave the game unless you have no more money in your online account.

Concentrate on these Factors

When you first begin playing no-limit hold'em, concentrate more on table position and strong starting-hand values. Pay careful attention to your seating position at the virtual table, and your position in the betting sequence. Always be aware of the types of players who have bet in front of you, and the types of player who can act after you.

Carefully Select the Hands You Play

Be very careful about hand selection. The hands that you play are determined by your position action from players sitt9ing behind you, and the quality of your cards. As you get more mileage under your belt, you can expand the number of hands you play to include a few speculative hands. With experience poker, you will become more knowledgeable as to when to play them. Until that time, stick with strong starting hands only.

Practice Reading the Flop

While in these small cash games, continually practice reading the flop even when you aren't in the pot. Continually ask yourself, "If I were playing this hand, which two cards would I most like to be holding?" Then try to decide which player might have loose cards. Also ask, "With the cards on this board, what is the best possible hand that could be made?"

Set a Loss Limit

We recommend that you set a loss limit when you first start playing no limit hold'em poker online. You should never lose more in one session than you can reasonably expect to win in the next session you play. For example, if you are playing with $ 2- $ 4 blinds and you lose around 100 times the size of the big blind, which in this case would be $ 400, it's time to quit. That should be your holdem guideline for each game-lose no more than 100 times the big blind.

Know When to Quit the Game

"If I'm winning principles, when should I quit?" you might ask. That is a good question that each of us should always have in the back of our minds. If losing 100 times the size of the big blind should make us quit, how about winning 100 times the size of the big blind? The answer is - it depends. It depends on how good the game still is. Are the weak players still in the game and losing? Are you playing you're A-game? How tired are you? How important to you is the money that you have just won? Only you can answer these questions. The best idea is to limit you loss, but do not limit your win.

Have Enough Money in Your Account

Put enough money in your online account to buy more chips if you need or want to. You need to have an adequate amount of money to back up your play. Playing on short or "scared" money us a surefire way to lose.

Take Advantage of Your Table Image

Your image at the table is also important. Do you think the other players see you as a loose or a tight player? Take advantage of whatever image you have created.Let's look at some specific scenarios in our cash game and talk about poker how you might play your cards in different situations.



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